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Interview with Kayane, The Host of Kayane Cup

by Elvis Mack

Kayane, a professional video game player and host of “Game One”, is also the tournament organizer for Kayane Cup, a competitive event for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising taking place this weekend. I had the chance to speak with her about the game, the Arc World Tour, and 2B.

Kayane and Kayane Cup

Kayane: My name is Kayane, I’m a French professional fighting games player and TV host on Game One, a French video game TV channel. I’ve been competing in fighting games tournament since I was 9 years old, and been traveling around the world to play and be among the best players in the world. With 67 podiums registered in the Guinness World Record, I hold the women’s podium record in fighting games tournaments.

I’ve been organizing tournaments in Paris for 15 years to gather the community together thanks to the help of my sponsors.

Arc World Tour 2023 Updated Banner

Kayane: To me, It’s an important moment in my career as a passionate fighting games tournaments organizer. I’ve never imagined to be part of a World Tour someday, so I’m very grateful that Cygames believe in me.

This is the first year of World Tour for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising and this represents also the very first time we have that many players for the game in Europe, everyone is very excited to meet other players, prove their level and defend their flag as it is the only one European qualifier.

Kayane: The game producer Fukuhara-san is coming to the event and willing to play with players! I think this is awesome and show how dedicated he is, not only to make games but to also know how to play them. So I can’t wait to see him interact with the GBVSR community for the first time!

Tetsuya Fukuhara, The Director of the Granblue Fantasy Series, will be in Attendance

About 2B

Kayane: Of course, I’ve been very excited about 2B in the game ! It was very unexpected because she was already a guest character in another fighting game, so I couldn’t think of her. To be able to live that in real life at Granblue Fest in Japan was so emotional!
I’m a huge Nier fan and being able to play her again in a fighting game really makes me happy. Also her theme song here is Weight of the world, the main song of Nier Automata, and the remix sounds so awesome. She’s so beautifully designed, they did a great work and I can’t wait to play her ! There are a lot of interactions between characters in the opening or ending scene during a match, so I also can’t wait to see what she says to the characters!

Kayane: For sure that would be super hype if it happens !!!! I’ll ask Cygames and Fukuhara-san to make her super strong ! 😀 

Tune into the Kayane Cup for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising this Sunday on January 21st, 2024 on ReversalGG (English) or KayaneTV (French) for all the action taking place in Paris!

And stay tuned to Versus Vortex for the results of Kayane Cup to see who from Europe qualifies for the Arc World Tour Finals in March!

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