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Introducing the Newcomers in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

by Versus Vortex

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising is starting with 4 characters in the base roster characters all available at the start of the game. Today we will be looking at this new characters, describing their play style.

Anila (Voiced by JP: Aoi Yuuki / EN: Leona Renee): A member of the Twelve Divine Generals, she guards the Sheep Shrine in the south-southwest. Anila dreams of a peaceful world, yet her curiosity and ambition lead her to explore new lands, fueled by her love for sweets and guided by the stars.

In battle, Anila is a versatile fighter, capable of launching attacks at various ranges on the screen. She excels in controlling the match by slowly and carefully approaching her opponents with her trusty sheep. If you enjoy having multiple options for different situations, give Anila a try!

Siegfried (Voiced by JP: Kazuhiko Inoue / EN: Jordan Reynolds): The eldest member of the legendary Dragon Knights, Siegfried once saved his country from great peril, but not without consequences. After consuming the blood of the True Dragon Fafnir, he struggles with destructive impulses against anyone in his path. Roaming the skies, he grapples with his humanity and a promise made to the former king.

In combat, Siegfried is a formidable force, delivering powerful blows in both midrange and close-quarters combat. His unique skill allows him to sacrifice health for a temporary damage boost. While he may lack speed, his arsenal of heavy attacks makes challenging him a daunting prospect. If you appreciate devastating one-hit moves and a straightforward yet effective strategy, give Siegfried a shot!

Nier (Voiced by JP: Noriko Shitaya / EN: Jenny Yokobori): An ordinary girl born into an extraordinary family of mages, Nier grew up craving acceptance that eluded her. Longing for love and understanding, she encountered the Arcarum Primal Beast, Death. United in their quest, they are determined to forge a new world that recognizes them completely.

In battle, Nier teams up with Death. When Death is in play, Nier can pre-set her skills for a potent combination of tag team attacks, depleting her resources. While Nier may be individually less formidable, the presence of Death makes her feel invincible. Choose Nier if you enjoy orchestrating powerful offenses and managing two characters simultaneously.

Grimnir (Voiced by JP: Megumi Ogata / EN: Griffin Burns): Possessing the powers of an ancient deity but embodying the spirit of an exuberant teenager, Grimnir bursts onto the screen. With a steel mind and noble spirit, this commander of great winds is on a mission to save the world.

In battle, Grimnir controls the winds with finesse. He utilizes sigils to alter his trajectory, showcasing remarkable movement capabilities. With full command over projectiles, he becomes a swift and elusive speedster, making it challenging for opponents to keep up. If you enjoy weaving in and out of your opponent’s range or embodying the chaos of a mad cyclone, Grrrriiiiiiiiimnir is worth checking out!

In the vibrant world of diverse characters and epic battles, each hero brings a unique flavor to the arena. Whether you seek the strategic finesse of Anila, the powerful punches of Siegfried, the dual synergy of Nier and Death, or the whirlwind prowess of Grimnir, the choices are as varied as the styles of play. Embrace the excitement, test your skills, and discover the perfect match for your rising journey.

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