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Jason Voorhees and Agent Smith Rounds Out MultiVersus Launch

by Elvis Mack

A few weeks ago, we talked about MultiVersus making a comeback. That comeback came in the form of a release date and new characters that was unannounced. Last Week Joker made his debut for the game with some hints at possible future characters. However, in the past 2 days we learned about various character who will round out the base roster.

Joker Reveal Trailer for MultiVersus
Joker Gamplay Trailer for MultiVersus

New Faces

With only a few days left till the May 28th release, Player First Games went into overdrive with new characters and reveals. First, we went back to Adventure Time for the reveal of Banana Guard who was previously an item is now upgraded to a player character!

Banana Guard Reveal Trailer for MultiVersus

Then earlier this morning they released their final launch trailer revealing the final two characters to the base roster, Jason Voorhees and Agent Smith.

Jason has received a huge upgrade in his size being almost as big as the rest of the cast. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any gameplay of either of those two, with only a few days to go we wouldn’t be surprised if gameplay trailers are on the way in the next few days. Jason Voorhees is available at launch while Agent Smith will be playable a little later in Season 1.

MultiVersus is brining aspects from the entirely of the Warner Bros company into one all out brawl. From comics to shows, from movies to live action. There seems to be something for everyone who wants to try out this free to play brawler. MultiVersus comes out on May 28th and we can’t wait to see who tries to step up and invest into the new game.

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