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Ladiva Shocks LCQ & Upsets in Groups – AWT Day 2 Recap

by Elvis Mack

Friday at Arc World Tour (AWT) Finals was filled with very suspenseful and exciting match throughout the day. AWT Day 2 featured the Last Chance Qualifier for Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising as well as the Group Stage for Guilty Gear Strive taking the top sixteen players down to eight. Many favorites were eliminated while huge upsets kept the event exciting till the very end.

Gobou Grapples with Top Tiers to Qualify

For many in the Granblue Fantasy Versus community, Ladiva is not viewed as a very strong character. She has very good tools but her grappler archetype makes the goal of getting in very difficult in the current meta. So much so that many Ladiva players have secondaries in case of any hard matchups, but Gobou? Only Ladiva.

Ebonic Plague mentioning a story about Gobou at Arc World Tour Finals

Dispute all the challenges in fighting Nier, Seox and 2B. Gobou raised to the occasion with love and spirit and qualified from the losers side the bracket. Meanwhile, KoujiCoCo from Texas took the spot from the Winner Side of the bracket.

These two qualifiers will fight round 1 in the finals in the final bracket.

Final Bracket for Granblue Rising after AWT Day 2

Guilty Gear Group Madness

Final Results of Guilty Gear Strive Group

The guilty gear strive group stage wrapped up and many did not expect some of the outcome. Many favorites like Tyurara and Jonathan Tene, while LCQ winner AaronDaMac is in Top 8 finalists for tomorrow. Many games went to a final game final round situation which made for amazing moments in the crowd.

The Final Stage.

At long last, the final 8 in Arc World Tour Finals Guilty Gear Strive is finalized. After 8 months of action and various matchups one of these 8 will be champion. Who will it be? Stay tuned to find out!

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