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Laggia Withstands All Challenges And Is Crowned The Newest King Of Fighters

by Elvis Mack

Throughout three days of competition of King of Fighters XV action, a new champion merges in the latest chapter in the most recent game at SNK. Between the heartbreak of Wero’s SNK World Champion Circuit run, to Sooa showing why she is the Queen of KOF. However, at the end Laggia takes the title of world champion and is the true King of Fighters.

Final Result

Laggia’s Tournament Run

SNK World Championship 2023 Top 8 Final Bracket

The SNK World Champion ran on March 16-17, 2024, following a last chance qualifier which added Pako and Score among the qualifying participants. It was a collection of old guard, new guard, former champions, newcomers proving their case in front of the FGC, and folks from all over the world. EVO Japan & EVO 2023 winner Xiao Hai was the clear favorite for manyas his run in King of Fighters XV was nothing short of dominant.

After a fierce Top 8 match defeat from M’, Laggia ran though his loser side run between legendary players E.T, Score and Xiao Hai to get the runback in the grand finals. Laggia took the early 3-0 victory in the first set to reset the bracket and get one step closer to victory, but M’ refused to be denied a 2nd SNK title. In the end, however, after eight games, Laggia pulled a clean final game victory to take the title back to Japan with his own two hands.

In the end, Laggia withstood all challenges the old school could challenge him winning the title at a very young age. While many are looking towards the future with Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves it would be amiss not to admire the work and determination of the SNK Community and their strive to get strong every day.

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