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Lord Knight Looks To Make A Change With His Masters Invitational

by Elvis Mack

Over the past two days, the Lord Knight Masters Invitational has been taking place in Mexico City. This event, hosted by Lord Knight himself, was a way to do fun events for people who enjoys a certain type of tournament. He wants to be the change in the world for an event where spectators and players can have fun during a weekend and watch high levels of competition.

We put the things we want to see in the world.

Lord Knight during his announcement stream

Summit Style Events

The Announcement of the Lord Knight Masters Invitational

A few weeks ago, Lord Knight announced his invitational on stream and said a big inspiration for it was summit. Summit was a special event ran by Beyond The Summit that held many events for Super Smash Bros. But, they also did summits for FGC events like Dragon Ball FighterZ and Mortal Kombat. He mentioned how his addition in the Summit of Power, the name of Dragon Ball FighterZ Summit, changed his life. Letting him have a platform that got people to support him and gave him the change to get sponsored.

Lord Knight also mentioned how he been working on this project since last august at EVO 2023 hoping to make it happen. His goal is to make a series of the invitational outside of just Guilty Gear. He wants to see more possibilities and more chances in the world for the series to grow. Giving other players more opportunities to showcase themselves and their personalities and make it bigger in the future.

Group Stage Results & Final Bracket for the Lord Knight Masters Invitational

Today, is the ending of the invitational with the final eight players. You can the finals live on twitch and/or on youtube from winners all the way to the finale. Summit events as been some of the highlights for fans and players and it is relieving to see that format come back slowly. We for sure will be watching how the final day unfolds.

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