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Magic and Mystery: Murders at Karlov Manor is MTG’s Take on Detective Stories

by GameStart Asia

Just before the release of Magic: The Gathering’s latest set, Murders at Karlov Manor, Wizards of the Coast APAC had cordially invited us to The Theatre Practice to give us a sneak peek at the upcoming “murder mystery” set.

This set takes us back to the gothic plane of Ravnica, where a string of gruesome murders has brought the city into chaotic panic. It is up to Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth, to investigate the prime suspects, unmask the perpetrators of these crimes, and hold them to justice.

Yet, as the preview was about to begin, things took a drastic turn as one of the guest influencers was “murdered” in cold blood! The folks at The Theatre Practice had prepared a brief whodunit for the preview, challenging the guests to solve this caper before time runs out.

Featuring an amazing cast of Jo Tan, Edward Choy, Feroz Jaan Malik, Tysha Khan and Tiara Yap, the crew managed to squeeze a great narrative, stellar performances and card previews into a single hour-long act.

With the launch of Murders at Karlov Manor, both draft and set booster packs will now be merged into the all-new Play Booster! These combine the excitement of opening set boosters with giving draft players more choices in each pack, spicing up the Limited format with this change.

Play Boosters also come with a chance to open up some new showcase cards, and what better way to investigate your suspects than with a dossier of their person? The Invisible Ink Dossier Cards turns your cards into case files that reveal some secret footnotes, written by the detective of the hour, Alquist Proft. 

And what self-respecting detective leaves home without their magnifying glass? Showcase Magnified cards feature an alternate art and a magnifying glass border as if you were looking through a crime solver’s view.

We’ve also gotten word that a Cluedo collaboration is also on its way, featuring familiar characters, locations and murder weapons all in the form of MTG cards! While we didn’t get to see any of these at the preview, some of our play boosters contained cards from the CLU set, so fingers crossed that you’ve got to see some of these cards at your pre-release events.

Murders at Karlov Manor will launch on 9 Feb 2024, offering Collector Booster boxes, Play Booster boxes, 4 commander decks and bundle boxes as part of its launch. The Cluedo collaboration will launch on 23 Feb 2024, so find a local MTG store near you using the official store locator to pick up a copy for yourself.

Interested in taking a shot at the mystery? Wizards of the Coast APAC will be leaving some clues behind on their social media pages, giving you a chance to become a master sleuth yourself. Deduce the true perpetrator of the murder of Taria the influencer and stand a chance to win a box of Murders at Karlov Manor Play Boosters for yourself!

Visit them on Instagram or Facebook to find out more, and follow the trail as they release more clues with each post.

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