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Maximilian Q/A Session With Rick The Hadou : EVO Prep Time

by Elvis Mack

One of the nicest thing about the FGC is how close-knit players are with each other. This was shown very well last Friday with a special question and answer session with Maximillian Miles Christensen, best known as Maximilian Dood, and Richard Thiher, better known as The Hadou. These two are widely known names in the fighting game community. During their talk, they also give some new information about EVO 2024 this upcoming July.

Max at EVO

Max being awarded the Cannon Award at EVO 2015 (Rest in Peace Benny)

One of the biggest news was that Max will be returning to EVO after a long hiatus, however to reverse his community and his enjoyment with watching it with him, he is bringing the online EVO experience to EVO offline. More details are in the works, but with his love for fighting widely known, we are happy to see him back at EVO.

Going All In On Third Strike

During the Q/A discussion of how the retro title of this year, Street Figher III: Third Strike will work as various versions of the game are accessible. According to Rick, the plan was to drive around and find as many arcade cabs as they could, so the games can be accessible for all players. However, due to hundreds of people signing up for the tournament, he says that plan is no long the case. However, he is committed to find a way to play the tournament on arcade hardware.

I’m going to try to put together the largest collection of Super Guns you have ever seen.

Richard “The Hadou” Thiher

For those who don’t know, Super Guns are a way to play classic arcade titles with the original copy of the arcade board without the bulk of the arcade cabinet. The hope of this is to have enough setups to avoid any problems, however the fact that Rick is dedicated to the cause is very reassuring for the future of the retro game series.

Everyone Gets To Shine

Main Stage at EVO 2023

Finally, they talked about the new format for EVO this year. All eight games will have their top six finals on the main stage. This is the Arena Finals Experience. It is different from previous years. Only a few games got the main stage then. The rest had their finals elsewhere within the convention center.

The main stage is where the hype and memories happen. Thousands of fans cheer for their favorites. Big announcements and reveals happen there too. New characters, updates, or new games. Every game gets a chance to shine on the main stage. EVO 2024 celebrates and showcases the fighting game community.

EVO 2024 is expected to attract thousands of competitors and fans from all over the world, who will enjoy not only the main stage action, but also the various attractions and activities on the show floor, such as the largest arcade in event history, the cosplay contest, the artist alley, the publisher booths, and more. Registration for EVO 2024 is now open, and anyone can sign up to participate or attend. For more information, visit the official website or follow the official X account.

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