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Monument Valley Arrives On PC With Panoramic Collection In July

by Kristie Png

The beautifully mind-bending mobile puzzle game Monument Valley is set to be brought to the PC screen. Previously only available on iOS and Android devices, the breathtaking visuals of this picturesque game will no longer be bound by the portrait screens of mobile devices in this new PC port, which is appropriately titled Monument Valley: Panoramic Collection

Launching 12 July on Steam, the Panoramic Collection comprises of the original Monument Valley and its sequel, as well as the DLCs for both games. In this series, the player has to traverse through mystical worlds of surreal architecture. 

Since the design of the original games was catered to mobile, it required players to swipe, drag and tap on the screen to manipulate these environments. As such, changes had to be made when making the switch to PC.

“There’s a different set of gestures and interactions that are more intuitive on the PC, and so that was something that we had to think quite carefully about in order to preserve the spirit of the original games,” stated John Lau, senior producer at Ustwo Games, in a behind-the-scenes video for the Panoramic Collection.

Furthermore, players can also expect updated graphics, with up to 21:9 aspect ratio for wider PC monitors, while also expanding the world of Monument Valley beyond the constraints of the vertical orientation on a mobile screen. Regarding this, David Fernández Huerta, the studio art director, expressed that “you used to have this little window (…) to look through and look at this magical world, and now you’re in it.”

First released in 2014, Monument Valley became a phenomenon at the time for its intuitive design and incredible visual storytelling — all within the confines of a mobile device. Since the launch of both games, the series has amassed a stunning 29 awards, including the BAFTA British Game Award 2015 and the Game Awards Best Mobile Game 2017. The games have also been downloaded for a total of over 100 million times globally.

Players can look forward to purchasing the Monument Valley: Panoramic Collection, on Steam when it launches on 12 July. You may also wishlist it on Steam right now.

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