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MultiVersus Looking To Make A Comeback

by Elvis Mack

Almost 6 months after the take-down of their 2022 Platform fighter, MultiVersus is looking to make a comeback.

What is MultiVersus?

For those who are not informed, MultiVersus was developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. The idea is for a unique platform fighting game with the concept of 2v2 teams and working with your partner towards victory. However, in June 25th 2023, the game went offline for its open beta leaving many to wonder the future of the game.

Player First Games Announcing the Closing of the Open Beta on June 25th and launch in early 2024

Impact of MultiVersus

The game came off strong with many characters on release. With the release of other characters like Rick and Morty to crazy crossovers like LeBron James to Gizmo. The game looked like it found its footing. Especially when they introduced Battle Passes and DLC Season Passes for fans of the game to support the developer. However, the sudden closing of the open beta left a bitter taste in many’s mouth.

The hope for many is that this reintroduction to MVS considers the full release with more characters, features and modes and not just another beta period like before. The game had a resounding success on launch and won the 2022 Fighting Game of The Year at The Game Awards that year.

MultiVersus Box Art

Time will tell what will be the future of MultiVersus comeback in the FGC, but we are excited to see how it completes in platform fighters. With various options like Rival of Aether, Nickeloeon All-Star Brawl 2, and of course Super Smash Bros we can not wait to see what MultiVersus’s return brings to the table.

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