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Newest Qualifiers for Esports World Cup from Dreamhack and BAM

by Elvis Mack

Dreamhack Dallas and Battle Arena Melborne has come to an end. For many it was a fun tournament of some of the highest level for Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8. However, for 20 players they booked their ticket to the finals in Riyadh for the Esports World Cup Finals. Today we will break down all 20 players who has qualified this past weekend.

Street Fighter 6

The 8 players who qualified for EWC Finals Via Dreamhack Dallas
Tokido and Tachikawa qualified for EWC Finals via Battle Arena Melborne

Street Fighter 6 kicked off the festivities at both Dreamhack and BAM. The competition was fierce at both events with players from all around the world trying to make it in the top 8 for a chance at the 1-million-dollar prize pool. For dreamhack, it even came down to a tiebreaker to see who would qualify for the trip. In the end, Dreamhack Dallas Champion Gachikun qualified alongside Problem X, Phenom, Higuchi, Nuckledu, Chris Wong, Zen, and Oil King to the finals.

Meanwhile in Battle Arena Melborne, it was the japanese players who qualified for the finals as Tokido qualified alongside Tachikawa. Tokido interestingly playing Ken most of the bracket when he mentioned he would be trying Akuma a few days before. Will he break out the Akuma at the finals or keep to the masters only time will tell.

Street Fighter 6 Qualified Players So Far

VxbaomokegachikunProblem X
PhenomZhenChris WongNuckleDu
Oil KingHiguchiTokidoTachikawa
Street Fighter 6 Esports World Cup Qualifiers so far | 16 spots remain

Tekken 8

Tekken 8 was even more intense as not only was a qualifier event, but also a challenger event on the Tekken World Tour with some of the biggest names in the game. For many this was their only chance to qualify and for players like AK it was a chance to showcase his strength after a huge win at Combo Breaker. In the end though it was not the CB champion taking first place. It was a player who actually got 7th place at the event. Nobi took home the crown and the qualifier alongside Rangchu, CBM, Mulgold, AK, Arslan Ash, Sephiblack and Farzeen for the trip to EWC.

Meanwhile in BAM, it was a mixture of Australian talent and the korean players who decided to travel of Melbourne. Partly might be due to the lack of competition, but also it was a Tekken World Tour master event so even more points than the Dreamhack Dallas tournament for landing a high placement. In the end Chanel and LowHigh took first and second place making the qualifier spots the next two qualifiers being Ulsan from Korea and Yagami who defended the home turf and claimed one of the finalist spots.

Tekken 8 Qualified Players So Far

AKArslan AshSephiblackFarzeen
Tekken 8 Esports World Cup Qualifiers so far | 18 spots remain

With the next qualifier for the Esports World Cup being held a Dreamhack Summer, many are going back home. After two weeks of action at Combo Breaker, Dreamhack Dallas and BAM, many are curious to see how many will try to make the trip to Sweden for the next qualifiers. Stay tuned here at Versus Vortex for everything with Esports World Cup, the format, and the finalists.

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