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Nintendo Indie World Showcase Recap: Cults, Cute Creatures, and… Crab Souls

by Kristie Png

The Nintendo Switch continues to impress with its ever-increasing arsenal of quality indie games to its lineup, as showcased in their most recent Indie World presentation. This time, over 20 new titles were introduced, ranging from a noir-punk action-adventure, to a farming and dance-battling simulator, to even a crustacean variant of Dark Souls!


Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the round-up, in order of release date:

Soundfall (Out Now)

This roguelike rhythm-based game, almost in the same vein as Crypt of the NecroDancer, allows players to gain critical hits by keeping in rhythm. Levels are dynamically generated from the music, and you can expect 5 different heroes with their own play styles, weapons and special abilities, as well as over 140 songs to battle to the beat to.

Mini Motorways (Out Now)

First released on Apple Arcade in 2019, Mini Motorways shuttles itself onto the Switch. Much like its mobile counterpart, players will have to design roadways to keep the city running smoothly. Be the urban road planner of various cities from around the world, and if you get tired of that, players will also be able to take part in daily and weekly challenges.

SILT (June 2022)

Are you afraid of the ocean? Maybe this hand-drawn puzzle game would be the source of your fear as it lets players dive into a harrowing ocean abyss. The game looks gorgeous with a style reminiscent of Limbo. As the player, explore the ocean, possess sea creatures to solve puzzles, and survive encounters against beasts dwelling in the deep sea…

Wayward Strand (21 July 2022)

Set in 1970s rural Australia, this narrative adventure aboard a flying hospital will host a cast of characters with multiple stories that unfold in real time simultaneously. Unearth the mysteries of the airship by spending time with different characters, and watch as your choices affect the story.

Ooblets (Summer 2022)

This adorable game lets you farm, collect creatures, and participate in card-based dance battles, among a slew of other things. There’s not a dull moment as you get to make friends with the residents of Badgetown, customise your character, decorate your house, run your own shop, and most importantly – you can pet your ooblets!

ElecHead (Summer 2022)

ElecHead is a 2d puzzle platformer game where you follow a small robot on a mission to restore light to the world. Find ingenious ways to navigate the booby-trapped environment by using your head – both literally and figuratively – to solve puzzles. There will also be hidden rooms and secrets to uncover.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (Summer 2022)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, or TABS, is a physics-based tactical game that has made its rounds on the interwebs as a zany fighting simulator where you can pit anyone or anything against each other. It’s planned to wobble onto the Nintendo Switch this summer, so you can see the outcome of Zeus versus 20 Ninjas on the go. 

We Are OFK (Summer 2022)

This musical narrative game from indie pop band OFK is set in downtown LA. Play as Itsumi Saito who struggles to establish herself in the music world while juggling practice, a full-time job, and a social life. The game is set to follow a weekly episodic format with interactive music videos.

Batora: Lost Haven (Fall 2022)

The fate of the Earth rests in your hands in this story-driven action RPG game. The game promises a non-linear narrative where the choices you make influence the story. Master the balance of duality between physical and mental powers as you hack and slash through enemies across multiple planets.

Wildfrost (Winter 2022)

Wildfrost is a tactical card game, in which you gather companion cards and build the perfect deck in order to battle monsters and the unyielding elements. Besides daily challenges, players can unlock new events and cards by expanding the town of Snowdwell. 

Cult of the Lamb (TBA 2022)

Play as a possessed lamb that is saved from annihilation by a foreboding stranger, and repay your debt by gathering a community of woodland worshippers. The game takes place in a randomly generated world, where you are tasked with gathering resources to build structures, and taking on dungeons. 

Gunbrella (TBA 2023)

Play as a gruff woodsman with a gun/umbrella hybrid in this noir punk action-adventure. Scavenge for resources to upgrade your multi-use tool, which doubles as a firearm and an umbrella which can be used to glide, swing and dash about. Expect dark twists and turns, ghouls and gangsters, and cops and cultists. 

Another Crab’s Treasure (TBA 2023)

This showcase’s standout game is no doubt this souls-like – ahem, shells-like – action-adventure game where you play as a hermit crab in a polluted ocean. Scavenge for trash to use as a shell, and choose from over 50 shells included in the game. Stand to gain a variety of Umami Techniques, powerful attacks to use against your crustacean combatants. Among the features listed by the developer, Aggro Crab, we can find “Way Too Many Crabs” and… Dismantling crabitalism?? 

In addition to the main showcase above, Nintendo announced several more games that will surely get you prepping your wallets and internal storage for your Switch:

  • OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition (Out Now)
  • Gibbon: Beyond the Trees (Out Now)
  • Card Shark (2nd June 2022)
  • Idol Manager (25th August 2022)
  • OneShot: World Machine Edition (Summer 2022)
  • Cursed To Golf (Summer 2022)
  • A Guidebook Of Babel (Autumn 2022)

All in all, this thrilling lineup of games has got us waiting on the edge of our seats. Which game caught your attention?

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