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Only The Best Results: Italy Shines

by Elvis Mack

This past weekend, the fighting game community witnessed an electrifying showdown at Only The Best 2024, held in Turin, Italy. As a Tekken World Tour Challenger event and a Gold Event on the Arc World Tour, the tournament attracted top-tier talent from EMEA, all vying for crucial points and prestige.

The event featured intense competitions across multiple games, including Tekken 8, Street Fighter 6, Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, and Guilty Gear -Strive-. The Italian players, however, were the true stars of the show, defending their home turf.

Italy Shines Though

In Tekken 8, Arslan Ash showed why he is the reigning Tekken World Tour Champion taking it over Mulgold in the grand finals after also beating Ulsan in winners. Meanwhile, Danielmado and ErnieBowl made a run taking out players like Super Akouma, CBM and Shadow 20z to make it to Top 8. The crowd was into every match with these two and when the surpise Fang pick came out from Daniel he did not disappoint.

Danielmado recieving his 5th place medal at Only The Best 2024

Meanwhile in Street Fighter 6, Italy took over as 7 out of Top 8 finishes were all from Italy with Garnet’s Dhalsim taking the bracket over Geeck-O’s Cammy. The region is looking strong as the Capcom Pro Tour is slowly approaching we can not wait to see how Italy does this year.

Garnet taking the final round to win Only The Best 2024 Street Fighter 6

Arc World Tour Updates

Meanwhile, in the Arc World Tour, Guilty Gear Strive had a intense 14 game set between UK’s TigerPop Happy Chaos and Israel’s Zando Asuka that it went 3-2 in WFs, 3-2 in GFs. However, in the reset Zando was able to take it after a 3-1 victory securing 100 points to the global leaderboard and tying Tyurara in 1st place.

In Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, Socky swept the bracket only losing 1 game the entire tournament. Taking it with Nier over fellow countrymen Fitizen in the grand finals. With Beatrix now being playable in tournaments, many will wonder how much she will shake up tournament rankings.

Overall, Only The Best 2024 was a testament to the strength and talent of the european fighting game community. With impressive showings in both Tekken 8 and Guilty Gear -Strive-, europe has firmly established itself as a powerhouse in the FGC. As the Tekken World Tour and Arc World Tour continue, all eyes will be on these skilled players to see how they fare in future events.

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