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To celebrate the release of Final Fantasy XV, we look at even more good & bad Final Fantasy titles on last generation consoles and mobile devices!

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To celebrate the release of Final Fantasy XV, we look at the games in the long-standing franchise that were great, and those that weren’t.

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If you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, and haven’t played this 25-year-old series before, let me just get one thing straight – this is not some shooter you finish in 5 hours. There are probably decades of gameplay buried in Civilization VI.

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Wonder why the GeForce GTX is a force to be reckoned with for all enthusiastic PC graphics enthusiasts? We have 5 good reasons to justify your parting of your money for this exotic beast!

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Players can expect to see more of their favorite characters from Final Fantasy titles such as Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Tactics join the game.

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No Man’s Sky is an ambitious indie title that gives players a massive sandbox to explore. If you are looking for a game with excellent space combat, a solid narrative and a clear guiding path on what to do then this is not the game for you. For gamers with a sense of wonder and exploration, this is a game you must play and experience.

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