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PSA Summit 2: A Community Celebration for Type Lumina

by Elvis Mack

Melty Blood Type Lumina is a 2D fighting game that hasn’t made a lot of waves in the fighting gaming community. The game is a remake based on the visual novel Tsukihime, which has a cult following among anime and manga fans, however the game only had a few big showing to display high-level of play. However, if you are into fast-octane action and watching some of the best in North America compete, look no futher than PSA Summit 2 this weekend.

What is Panic Shield Anonymous?

Panic Shield Anonymous X Banner

Panic Shield Anonymous (PSA) is a hub for fighting game enthusiasts for Melty Blood Type Lumina. They organize tournaments, stream matches, rankings, and podcasts about the game. Their goal is to grow the MBTL community and showcase the talent and diversity of its players. They even did a PSA rank on the Top 50 Players in North America.

PSA Top 50 Players in North America

Panic Shield Anonymous has been hosting tournaments for Melty Blood Type Lumina since the game’s release in September 2021. They have created a circuit of events, where players can earn points and qualify for the grand finals. PSA Summit 2 is the finale of the second season of their circuit, and it promises to be even bigger.

What To Know About PSA Summit 2

Over the past 6 months, 16 finalists qualified for the summit by their performances in various PSA events throughout the country. These players will play in one final double elimination tournament to find the summit champion. That is not all, the tournament will also have various side games, and tournaments for spectators. Some of the players in the finals are as follows:

  • Scrawt Vermillion – Considered the strongest Melty Blood Players in the world, he dominated much of the PSA season. Multitime EVO Finalist and Champion for the game, he comes in as the favorite.
  • Jurassic Ori – If Scrawt is considered 1A, Jurassic Ori is considered 1B as the Hisui player goes toe to toe with some of the best in the world in this game. With a consistent record, she looks to really make an imapct in the finals.
  • OmniSscythe – As the highest points earner in the circuit, Omni’s Powered Ciel is a force to be reckoned with. Having multiple appearances in Top 8s with one of the strongest characters behind him. He looks to throw out all the stops to take the title.

These are just some of the players who will be competing in PSA Summit 2. All of these players are talented and exciting players who will be joining the fray, and you can expect to see some high-level matches.

PSA Summit 2 is a great opportunity to watch some of the best MBTL players in action in North America. With fun events like the commentators bracket and other side games to boot, PSA Summit 2 looks to be a chance to showcase the Type Lumina community.

PSA Summit 2 will be live this weekend from March 8th-10th. Check out the PSA X Account for more information about the schedule and stream.

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