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Red Bull Kumite 2024: A New Way To Enter The Octagon

by Elvis Mack

Red Bull Kumite is a prestigious Street Fighter tournament that will take place on March 16-17 in New York City. The best players from around the world will feature in the event. Some newcomers will also join them through qualifiers.

The Format

Big Bird, Punk, GachiKun, MenaRD : First 4 In the Red Bull Kumite in New York

The main event will have a single-elimination format. Each match will be a best of 9 (first to 5) set. Only 16 players will compete for the title. 14 of them invited by Red Bull. Big Bird, Punk, Gachikun, and MenaRD are some of the confirmed invitees3. More names will reveal in the following weeks.

One of the remaining slots will give to the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ). The LCQ held on the same day as the main event. Anyone who wants to try their luck and challenge the elite can join the LCQ.

The Play-In

The Format for Red Bull Kumite

The final slot for the main event is by the Play-In tournament. Eight players who have qualified from various online and offline tournaments will participate in the Play-In tournament. They will face each other in a single-elimination bracket. The winner will join the other 15 players in the main event.

There will be four World Qualifiers and four US Online Qualifiers, with a spot in the Play-In tournament will be secured by the winner of each qualifier.

The Prize

A generous prize pool of $32,000 is on the line by the Red Bull. The champion will take home $9,000. The runner-up will receive $5,000. $4,000 each given to the third and fourth place. The fifth to eighth place will get $3,000 each.

The Red Bull Kumite 2024 is a unique opportunity for Street Fighter 6 fans. They can witness some of the highest level of play. They can also discover new talents and rising stars. Don’t miss this chance to see who will be crowned as the king of the octagon!

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