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Review: Catherine Full Body

by GameStart Asia

Catherine Full Body is a remaster of 2011’s Catherine, a weird puzzle game interspersed with cool anime cutscenes and horror. Developed by Atlus, you know from beginning to end the production values will be sky-high. You are correct. Catherine Full Body is a stylish and beautiful looking game.

Nothing has changed that much in the remaster. You still play as the hapless Vincent, an I.T professional who’s in a relationship with Katherine. Things between them are not great. Vincent ends up in a bar one night and hooks up with a blonde girl name…Catherine. So begins the game. Vincent is branded a cheater and unfaithful. Every time he goes to sleep he ends up in a nightmare world where he sees everybody as sheep and he is seen as a sheep. Hence the horns. Don’t ask…

In this nightmare world of sheep, you are required to climb a tower or face death. Succeed and it’s off to the next tower. Fail and its goodnight in the nightmare world and the real world. The puzzles require you to push blocks so you can continue to climb up and some of the levels are fiendishly hard but this time around Atlus have implemented a way to skip levels so you can enjoy the full story without becoming stuck at a puzzle.

Outside of the dream world, you will spend the rest of your time hanging out at the Stray Sheep in the evening with your friends. Here you can talk and drink which will give you bonuses in the puzzles sections. If you drink a lot in these sections, you will move faster in the puzzle world. This is great! The downside is a hangover and less time at the Stray Sheep the next time you visit.

Most of the story is progressed during day sequences which are wonderfully animated cutscenes. Some are great. Some are too long. Some are…questionable with the transgender storyline remaining intact.

The biggest change in the remaster though is the inclusion of Rin, also known as Qatherine. Yes, they really did that. This character adds new puzzles to the game and is there to help you out. Her story is interesting but you can see she has only been added to try and address some of the homophobic and transphobic content that remains in the game. It’s an interesting approach by Atlus, rather than cut content, they address it with a new character’s storyline.

As you play Catherine Full Body you will likely go through a love/hate relationship with it. Equally fascinating. Equally repulsive. What cannot be denied is it’s a very unique game that deserves to be played and for new players, it sure will be an interesting experience for you all. If you have played it before, is there enough new content to recommend getting the remaster? Probably not.


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