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Review: VGAME

by GameStart Asia

Chinese mobile games have been on the rise in recent years, with many well-developed ones in the market making their way into the global spotlight.

Today, we take a look at the recently released mobile game from VANEPLUS STUDIO, VGAME is a 3D action game that keeps gamers on their toes, relying on their quick reactions to dodge or block incoming attacks from enemies.

Based in a futuristic world where a dark secret of a parallel world lies, you play as Delia, a defender of your world, a “White Wing”, travelling between worlds to repel against the invaders of the parallel world. Along the way, you slowly uncover a great conspiracy in the face of mysterious clubs, organisations and the visions that appear within the city all while searching for your lost friend.

The first thing that got me from this game was its BGM. Opting for a more relaxed jazz-bar esque, giving out the vibes that the game is more relaxed than how it actually is. Playing further into the game reveals the reasons why the game goes for such music with an invitation-only club, Trinita Club, as your base of operations where you take upon requests to unlock more benefits that the club has to offer.

The interior of Trinita Club

Impeccable ad placements by the bar

This semi-open world game switches between two worlds, with your character balancing between the real world and the parallel world similar to the concept of the Persona Series and an alternate outfit to go with.

The alternate outfit in the parallel world.

Its action gameplay akin to the likes of Honkai Impact comes with a slight twist, adding to the functions of simply attacking and dodging attacks the option to defend against attacks, unleashing a devastating counter-attack should you defend successfully. 

An attempt at defending against an enemy’s attack

Despite needing you to be on your toes to actively dodge or defend against attacks, VGAME gives their players a slight leeway, with audio cues, a short bullet-time activating and a closing warning circle around attacking enemies, alerting you to their advances.

VGAME’s alert system against the enemy’s attacks

For gamers who love a little more lore in their games, VGAME comes along with a comic series detailing the events leading up to the game. They’ve also done a collaboration event fitting with the game’s theme with Ghost in the Shell. With so many upcoming quality games coming from China, one can be spoilt for choices but if you’re looking for a 3D mobile action game, perhaps you can give VGAME a try.

VGAME is available on QooApp for Android.


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