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Sajam Tekken Slam: A Gateway to the World of Tekken 8

by Elvis Mack

While Tekken has a household name in the video game industry many see it as having too much of a barrier of entry to try out. However, with Sajam Tekken Slam he hopes to change the perception of the 3D fighter.

The Format

For those who aren’t aware, the tournament is down to 4 stages. Every day various streamers of different scenes even outside of fighting games spent 2 weeks learning Tekken 8 getting as strong as they can for the competition. When the group stage takes place the players will fight other teams with players of relative skill levels. Meaning someone who is very good at Tekken will have a competitive match with someone as good as them while keep the beginners to themselves. This is to keep the teams at a similar level while having fun in the progress. Finally, on March 10th the final tournament takes place to find the strong Tekken team in the event.

The Players

The Players in Sajam Tekken Slam
The Coaches of Sajam Tekken Slam

This event features six dynamic teams, each coached by renowned figures in the esports arena. These teams are a mix of seasoned pros and eager newcomers, ensuring a diverse range of matches that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Notable personalities like BoxBox and DisguisedToast are participating, bringing their unique flair and competitive spirit to the fore, while guaranteeing moments that will be remembered.

Whether you’re a hardcore Tekken veteran or someone who’s just dipping their toes into the world of fighting games, Sajam’s Tekken Slam is the perfect opportunity to experience the thrill of battle. It’s a unique chance to see your favorite streamers step out of their comfort zones and into the ring, competing in a game that’s cherished by millions around the globe. It highlights the game’s strategic depth, the intensity of its matches, and the passionate community that supports it. You’ll get a taste of why Tekken has remained a beloved staple in the fighting game scene for decades.

Check out the entire event from your favorite streamers or go to Sajam’s Stream for the entire overview.

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