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Skullgirls Championship Series: A Return of Competitive Skullgirls

by Elvis Mack

Skullgirls is a fast-paced 2D fighting game that features a diverse cast of characters and a unique art style inspired by various cartoons, films and anime. The game has a loyal fan base that enjoys its deep gameplay mechanics, expressive animation, and quirky humor. However, Skullgirls has not received much attention from the esports scene for a few years, until now.

What is the Skullgirls Championship Series?

Skullgirls Championship Series Splash Image

The Skullgirls Championship Series (SCS) is a year-long tournament series that features the best Skullgirls players from around the world. The SCS consists of online and offline events where players can compete for ranking points and cash prizes. The top players will qualify for the grand finale at Combo Breaker, where they will battle for the ultimate honor and a share of the $5,000 USD prize pool.

. This is the second year of the SCS, a global tournament series for Skullgirls players. The SCS 2024 has a new team, more events, and more regions. It also has the newest version of Skullgirls, with four new characters: Annie, Umbrella, Black Dahlia, and Marie. The SCS 2024 is bigger and better than ever. It is the ultimate Skullgirls showdown.

The Format

Dekillsage winning Frosty Faustings and qualifies for the Skullgirls Championship Series Finals

The SGCS consists of several tournaments with different formats and stakes. Community tournament organizers run online Audition tournaments and opt-in to the series. Players earn points on their Regional Points Leaderboard by competing in these events, and their 4 best results count. There are also three premiere Online Majors per region called Blockbuster tournaments, where players can get more points. Their 2 best Blockbuster results count. At the end of the season, the Top 8 players from each region, based on their points, are invited to the online Regional Finals, or Curtain Call tournaments.

Dekillsage was the winner of the Showtime tournament at Frosty Faustings in January 2024 and qualifies for the Skullgirls World Championship automatically. The other players can try to enter the World Championship through the open bracket Last Chance Qualifier event, or Encore, which takes place a day before at Combo Breaker 2024. The World Championship is the final tournament for the SGCS’s very best players.

Skullgirls is more than just a game, it’s a sport and a community. The SCS 2024 showcases the best of both, as the top players compete for glory and prizes. At the same time, the SCS 2024 celebrates the game’s history and growth, thanks to the loyal fans who have supported it for over a decade. Moreover, the SCS 2024 introduces the game to new audiences, who might be intrigued by its unique style and charm. The SCS 2024 is the ultimate Skullgirls showdown, and a sign of a bright future for the game and its scene.

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