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Slashback Volume 2 Rocks the Northern California Anime Scene

by Elvis Mack

Last year, a new tournament debuted that set to reignite the anime scene in Northern California. This year, they hope to keep up that momentum with the second year of the event with more games and higher level of competition. Today we will be featuring Slashback Volume 2 and how it turned into a must watch for anime fighting game players.

What is Slashback?

Slashback Volume 2 Trailer

Slashback was created by Brett, known for his contributions to the anime scene in the west coast. He also was known for his creativity with CMV (combo music videos) for various games. He used his talents and friends to make a unique rock themed event in 2023. With music playing though the day while games were played and rock entrances for all games. He made the event feel like an ongoing concert. Check below for the various trailers from 2023 of the various game reveals he created for the event.

The Lineup

Slashback Version 2 Game Lineup

The lineup itself features various ongoing anime titles by the community. Games like Guilty Gear Strive, Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising and Under Night are all featured. Meanwhile, community supported games like Blazblue, Xrd Rev 2, Melty Blood are also there to support the scene. However, Brett also added games he personally loves in Gundam and Kohime Enbu which are a treat to watch. Gundam Extreme Vs. is a 2v2 fighting game where you work with your teammate to take out the other in fast aerial combat. Meanwhile Kohime Enbu is a slow footies-based fighter where whiff punishing is the name of the game and the way to get big damage. Both games are breath of fresh air if you have never seen them and highly recommended.

Slashback Volume 2 Stream Schedule

Slashback is looking to be a fun event for fans of anime titles and rock and roll. From the feel to the appeal, the team looks to put their best foot forward for the norcal scene and we can’t wait to rock out this weekend.

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