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SNK World Championship Finals: Everything You Need To Know

by Elvis Mack

Previously we mentioned the SNK World Championship as it was nearing it’s need point and this weekend will be the climax of months of effort. 29 of the best players in the world go head to head in one final showdown in Los Angeles, CA to claim the title as the best King of Fighters XV player of 2023. However, with some changes to the schedule and a LCQ a lot can change. Here is everything you need to know about SNK World Championship Finals in 2023.


Like many pro tour finals, Friday will kick off with the last chance qualifier. 128 Players looking to be the final entrant in the finals and to get a chance at the $200K Prize Pool. The winner will move on and join the other 29 players in a double elimination bracket in the grand finals.

Notable Entrants in the SNK World Championship Finals LCQ provided by Liquidpedia

From there, the Top 29 players will face each other in one final double-elimination bracket, with the first rounds happening on Saturday and the Top 16 to finish taking place on Sunday. At the end of Sunday, our 1st SNK World Champion will be determined and win $50,000 USD in prizing.

SNK World Championship Finals Prizing by SNK

The Grand Final Players

Throughout this article we been mentioning Top 29 players which is outside the norm of Top 32, etc. That is due to news that various players will not be able to attend the finals for various reasons as announced by SNK last night. However, the remaining 28 players who remains are high contenders. Each with a huge opportunity to take the title.

SNK announcement about DarkAngel, Kami Jones, and Yunwu wont be in attendance at the SNK World Championship Final
All Players in the SNK World Championship Finals outside of LCQ provided by Liquidpedia

Some big names include:

  • Xiao Hai – Champion of both EVO/EVO Japan for KOFXV in 2023 and considered the strongest SNK player in the world. The favorite going into this weekend.
  • E.T. – The strongest player from Taiwan who has had Xiao Hai’s number on multiple occupations. While only of his countrymates is also there (ZJZ) he is looking to make an impact in the finals.
  • MadKOF – Completing the trifecta of the strongest players at the moment, MadKOF from Korea also has a score to settle with E.T and Xiao Hai. Looking to submit his legacy since his reign of terror in KOF XIII.
  • Mexico – Mexico as a country has a strong scene when it comes to the King of Fighters series and this showcase of finalists is no exception with the highest number of players at 9/28 players locked in with many looking the LCQ making it 10.

We don’t know if there are plans to showcase any of City of Wolves or future plans of KOF XV, but we are sure that the SNK World Championship Finals will be fun to watch. The passion of the community is shown throughout time, and we can’t wait to see the first champion crowned in Los Angeles.

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