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Street Fighter 6 Balance Will Be More Frequent in Season 2

by Elvis Mack

We are less than one week into the changes of season 2 of Street Fighter 6. Many are still getting used to the biggest patch in the game’s short lifespan. However, before this there was no patches for SF6 since its release outside of a minor patch with Ed’s release. This approach to wait for an entire season has been met with criticism from players who wished to see characters changed more frequently. Fortunely, it seems like Capcom heard and agreed with that feedback.

More Frequently

During the Capcom Channel livestream, Street Fighter 6 Director Takayuki Nakayama briefly spoke about what we can expect for Season 2 content in terms of battle balance.

Well, we did a big one yearly, but we’re planning on doing a little more of them just bit by bit for this next year.

Takayuki Nakayama, Street Fighter 6 Director

While this is good for players looking for frequent changes it comes at a price. Tournament players will have to adapt to changes as these changes over the course of the season compared to last year. We already saw players having trouble adapting during Combo Breaker and that could be the case in the future.

Regardless, we think that it’s a very smart decision for Capcom to be vocal about how the future of season 2 and the future of balancing the premier fighting game in the FGC. With 1 million dollars once again being on the line this year as part of Capcom Pro Tour it could make a world of difference.

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