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Street Fighter 6 Battle Balance Update Brings New Tricks

by Elvis Mack

As we narrowly approach the 1-year anniversary of the 2D fighter, Street Fighter 6 is planning to release a huge balance update. This update releasing alongside with Akuma and for the whole cast. Capcom released a trailer showcasing a few of the changes coming to SF6 later this month. Let’s break down the trailer and see what is on the way.

New Wake Up Action

New Recovery Drive Reversal as part of Street Fighter 6 Battle Balance Update

Right from the start we see a new wake-up option in terms of the drive reversal. This option seems to work on any options that would force a block or a throw tech such as throw loops, blanka meaty lighting or even meaty super arts like Ed’s projectile level 2. We don’t know the full details; however given how much we know the drive reversal system it seems like it can be baited and punished like usual. This gives characters without wake-up reversals more options to get out of bad situations.

Changes Across The Cast

Thought-out the video as well they showcase other characters including character-specific moves. For example, for Ryu his denjin charge can be stocked until used with heavy fireball allowing people to choice when to activate it. Meanwhile a lot of the cast looks to have new cancel options. From new drive rush cancels to new conversions that hasn’t existed till now. We would need to see the full patch notes, but seems like characters like Kimberly and Manon looks to be stronger already.

Street Fighter 6 Battle Balance Update releases alongside Akuma

With the patch only one week away, many are curious about the patch notes and while they are not out yet stay tuned here when they release. Street Fighter 6’s next update looks to evolve the fighter in time for Capcom Pro Tour and we can’t wait to see who rises from the changes.

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