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Street Fighter 6 Update Switches Up The Meta

by Elvis Mack

Street Fighter 6 has received a new update on February 27, 2024. The update adds Ed, a new playable character, and introduces several gameplay updates and fixes. It also brings some balance changes to a handful of characters, affecting their strengths and weaknesses in the competitive scene. However, it should be noticed that this a minor patch and that a major patch for all character will come at a later date. In this article, we will review the patch notes and highlight the notable winners and losers of the update.

Balance Changes

While there were no universal changes, the update also brings some balance tuning affecting character’s frame data, damage, hitboxes, and other properties. The major balance update that affects all characters is still planned for a later time, but these changes are still significant enough to shake up the meta. Here are some of the most notable winners and losers of the update:



Jamie has always been considered one of the weirder characters in Street Fighter 6. His drink mechanic played a huge role in his play style, however, it was hard for him to drink safely outside of combos. With the new changes, his forward throw now gives him a chance to drink as well as oki right after. His Super Art 2 (The Devil’s Song) now allowing him to power up without losing his progress is a huge improvement. Overall, this adds more stability to this drunken fighter.


The fans didn’t find the poster boy of Street Fighter bad in the newest entry, but they wanted a few moves to be better in Season 1. However, in this recent patch they turned Light Hashogeki (QCB+LP) from situational to his greatest asset. Before the move was -4 on block meaning it was punishable by the cast. Now the move is -3 making it not only safe on block, but also +1 in burnout. This allows for burnout loops with his light hashogeki and end combos in a meaty for +2 in throw range.


While not clearly buffed unlike the other two in this list, a few minor changes for A.K.I makes her out as a winner. Her standing medium punch having more active frames and her crouching light punch getting more of an expanded hitbox will make it harder to approach on the snake-like poison dealer. While she is the most recent character before Ed’s release it is good to see they are willing to make adjustments when needed.



Luke, one of the strongest characters in the game, has received some nerfs in this update that affect his safety to throw out buttons. His crouching medium punch, a reliable poke and combo starter, now has more recovery when it misses, making it easier to punish due to hurtbox expansion. In addition to nerfs to his aerial flash knuckle and vulcan blast (Super Art 1) these nerfs make Luke less dominant and oppressive, but he is still a formidable and solid character who can deal massive damage and pressure with his sonic boom and flash knuckle techniques.


The music superstar and kickboxer from Jamaica, has received some nerfs in this update that affect his mixup and pressure game. Funky Slicer, a low kick that can be performed after his Jus Cool step back, now has less knockback on block, making it more negative and easier to punish. His hurtbox after the active frames has also been enlarged, making him more vulnerable to counter-attacks.

His Funky Slicer was a useful tool to catch the opponent off guard or extend his combos, but now it is more risky and less rewarding to use. Dee Jay will have to be more careful and creative with his Jus Cool followups, as his opponents will have more options to deal with his Funky Slicer.


JP, the most controversial and hated character in the game, has received some major nerfs in this update. His standing heavy punch using his cane now has bigger hurtboxes making more prone to lows. Couching heavy punch also is no longer invisible to mid-air attacks making him more vulnerable to jump-ins against his fireballs.

His normal and overdrive Amnesia, his drive that allows him to catch the opponent’s attack and fire back a powerful projectile, and his normal and overdrive Departure, his projectile which after some time brings down a projectile, now has higher scaling values, making it deal less damage in combos. The Super Arts gauge also does not increase until the projectile and combos is over, meaning he can’t generate meter after it works. This moves also increases the opponent’s drive gauge for parrying it, making him give more meter to the opponent.

These nerfs make JP less oppressive and frustrating to fight against, but he is still a powerful and dangerous character who can manipulate space with his projectiles and teleports.

The February 27th update for Street Fighter 6 has brought some exciting changes to the game, adding a new character and tweaking the balance of some existing ones. The update has also fixed some issues and added some features to improve the overall gameplay experience. Whether you are a casual or a competitive player, there is something for you to enjoy in this update. You can check out the full patch notes here.

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