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Street Fighter League US Finals Preview: The Final Four Teams

by Elvis Mack
Street Fighter League Finals Edited

Street Fighter League (SFL) is a professional league for Street Fighter 6, where some of the best players from around the world team up and battle it out. The US regular season of SFL 2023 was a thrilling 10-week journey, where six teams of four players each fought for a spot in the playoffs. The top four teams made it to the playoffs and will clash this Wednesday for the title of SFL US champion and a share of the $75,000 prize pool.

The Finalists

Street Fighter League - NASR Esports Logo

NASR Esports

NASR eSports dominated the regular season with a flawless 10-0 record and 295 points. The team, led by EVO 2023 champion AngryBird displayed synergy and adaptability, overcoming all challenges. They are the favorites to win the playoffs and become one of the best SFL teams ever.

Street Fighter League - Bandits Gaming Logo

Bandits Gaming

Bandits Gaming got second in regular season with 6-4 record and 235 points. The team, led by 2017 & 2023 Capcom Cup champion MenaRD. They lost the first match to NASR eSports, but won four later, which helped them keep the second place position with help from Xiao Hai’s 2-0 win in the final match.

Street Fighter League - Versus Vortex Logo

Versus Vortex

Versus Vortex got third in regular season with 6-4 record and 230 points. The team, led by 2013 EVO champion Xian from Singapore, had wins and losses throughout the season. They beat Bandits Gaming and UYU, but lost to NASR eSports and Red Rooster Team. They want to face the challenge and become champions.

Red Rooster Team Logo

Red Rooster Team

Red Rooster Team, the last playoff qualifier, barely made it with a 3-7 record and 195 points. The team, led by Mono, a Puerto Rican veteran, had a tough season against strong rivals. They lost four matches, but bounced back with two wins, clinching their playoff spot by narrowly beating Endemic in the final match.

What to expect?

The Street Fighter League Playoff Bracket

The playoffs are a single-elimination bracket, where teams play home and away matches like the regular season. In the first round, Red Rooster Team faces Versus Vortex, who has the home advantage. The winner faces Bandits Gaming in the semi-finals. The winner of the semi-finals challenges NASR eSports in the grand finals for the title, the prize money, and the US representation at the Street Fighter League World Championship at Capcom Cup X in February.

Don’t Miss The Action

Watch the Street Fighter League US playoffs on CapcomFighters Twitch and follow Capcom Fighters X for updates. The playoffs start on Wednesday at 4 PM PST / 8AM SGT. Don’t miss the final showdown and the champion’s crowning.

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