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Strong UNI Showcase and Dreams Come True – AWT Day 1 Recap

by Elvis Mack

Thursday kicked off the 3-day festival of Arc System Works at their Arc World Tour (AWT) Finals. AWT Day 1 featured the Under Night In-Birth II tournament as well as the Last Chance Qualifier for Guilty Gear Strive. Two intense tournaments where some of the best players from California came out to play. Here are some of the highlights from yesterday’s events.

Knotts Dominated Under Night

Before the main events kicked off UNI2 had a special 10K tournament held during Day 1. Many of the West Coast finest were in attendance, but the grand finals were pitted between Mario Wagner vs. Knotts Seth. Wagner is a character known for big damage and overwhelming pressure where her specials. Meanwhile, Seth uses setplay and his mobility to catch you unware of his approaches. However, in the end Knotts takes the tournament, not losing a single game in the bracket. With Knott’s victory his is looking to make a statement with Arc World Tour 2024 next year.

Knotts taking Arc World Tour 2023 in Under Night In-Birth II Sys Celes

AaronDaMac and ApologyMan Qualifies for Finals

The Guilty Gear Strive Last Chance Qualifier featured some of the biggest names in the North American Scene. Players like Razzo, Hotashi, Bean, and Cheryo were all unable to crack a top 8 finish. One thing that was important about this LCQ is that the players who winner finals and loser finals qualified for today’s event.

In the end AaronDaMac showcased mastery of both Leo Whitefang and Happy Chaos to secure the spot from the winner side of the bracket. He was placed in Group D alongside Jonathan Tene, Verix, and Tiger Pop.

AaronDaMac Qualifying for Arc World Tour Finals

Apologyman, however, had to have the run of his life beating 2 Anjis, Supernoon’s Ram (who put him into the losers bracket in Top 16), and one final Anji to make it to the finals. He is placed in Group C with Leffen, PepperySplash, and Slash.

ApologyMan Qualifying for Arc World Tour Finals

The Finals Are Set – Guilty Gear Strive

Since AWT Day 1 completed, the group stage is locked in! Who out of these 16 will be your Guilty Gear Strive World Champion? You will have to tune in to find out.

Check out all the action from Arc World Tour Live on Twitch and Youtube.

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