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Super Tournament 2024 Showing Off the Best In Korea

by Elvis Mack

This weekend is big for the players South Korea who are into fighting games. Super Tournament 2024 takes place in Seoul and will feature two world tour events. Tekken 8 will be there as a master event in the home of Korean scene and a must watch event for players interested in other Korean players. It is also a location for the Arc World Tour for Guilty Gear Strive and Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. It will be an event you do not want to miss.

World Tours and Esports World Cup

Tekken 8 will be a Master Event at Super Tournament 2024, but it is also a qualify for the Esports World Cup. The top 2 players who are not qualified already will make it to the finals of the EWC. The best of South Korea is in attendance as well as players from Pakistan, Japan, and various players from Europe will also be there. Making this 164+ bracket some of the most competitive tournaments on the tour so far. And that’s saying a lot after Combo Breaker and Dreamhack Dallas back to back.

Tekken 8 Notable Players List by Liquidpedia

Meanwhile, it is mostly a contest between Korea vs. Japan in the Arc World Tour. In recent years, these two countries have been fighting neck and neck to get as many top players into the finals as possible. This event is the most recent chapter for these two titans. The top 8 players in both Guilty Gear and Granblue also gets points towards the finals. With a few players in each bracket already racking up point it is up to the others to prevent their lead from growing.

Guilty Gear Strive Notable Players List by Liquidpedia
Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Notable Players List by Liquidpedia

Super Tournament looks to be an exciting tournament for fans of all three games. The competition will be fierce for all to enjoy and we can’t wait to see what players come out on top and which players qualify for Esports World Cup.

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