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Tekken 8 Post-Release Roadmap Revealed in Tekken Talk Live

by Elvis Mack

Bandai Namco has shared more details about the future of Tekken 8 in the latest episode of Tekken Talk Live, a monthly show hosted by various members of the Tekken Team and the community members from Japan. The show aired on February 20 and focused on the post-release roadmap for the game, which includes new characters, modes, features, and more.

The 2nd Update

About 1 week after release, Tekken 8 released their first major update (which you can read about here), but the Tekken have announced that a second update is scheduled to be release around late February /early March. It should be noted, however, that the update won’t be focused on balance adjustments, but will instead be tweaking moves so that they work the way that the developers intended.

Addressing feedback for character adjustments, bug fixes, etc in the second update using #T8_Report

UNIQLO and Tekken Shop

One thing they mentioned is the collaboration with UNIQLO both in and out of game for fans of the brand. Not only with new outfits for the characters to war, but they also used changed the Fight Lobby to reflect the collab as well.

To go alongside this collaboration is a new feature, being the Tekken Shop. Here you can buy new customization items and skins costumes for characters and avatars. A big addition to the Tekken Shop is the ability to unlock previous costume worn by the cast from previous titles like Tekken 4 Jin, TTT2 Jun, etc. Each costume cost 400 Tekken Coins or $3.99 USD.

Tekken 4 Jin’s Outfit
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jun’s Outfit

Eddy Gameplay

Near the end of the stream, they also featured a lot of gameplay of Eddy coming soon to Tekken 8. You can check out the entire gameplay preview here!

Eddy Gameplay in Tekken 8

Finally, they ended the stream announcing that the next Tekken Talk will be in Late March. With the upcoming news of Eddy, the Tekken Shop, and various new ways to experience Tekken 8.

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