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Tekken 8 Version 1.01.04 Patch Notes Released

by Elvis Mack

With only 2 weeks since release, Tekken 8 Version 1.01.04 is the game’s first balance patch that affects a few members of the roster. While not a major patch, it does show that the Tekken team are more willing to release patches in quick succession compared to other games.

Tekken 8 has received its first update since its launch on January 26, 2024. The update, version 1.01.04, brings some balance adjustments and bug fixes to the game, according to the official patch notes released by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

You can check out the entire patch notes below or on the Tekken Website.

Patch Notes
Tekken 8 Version 1.01.04 Patch Notes

The patch notes reveal that some characters have had their moves behavior and properties adjusted, such as Dragunov, Reina, Kazuya, and Jin. The patch also fixes some bugs related to the Special Style and Balcony Break. As it changes a few things with characters, your match replay from the previous patch can not be used for playback as replays will not reflect the current version of the game. However, your Super Ghost Data will reflect the changes.

Some issues and glitches with the game, such as online lag, input delay, and crashes, have also troubled some players, however. The launch version of the game also disappointed some players with its balance changes and character nerfs.

The update aims to address some of these concerns and improve the game’s quality and stability. Bandai Namco will also deliver more updates and content for the game in the future, such as new characters, stages, costumes, and modes at a later period of time.

We can not wait to see what the future of this game holds for the future of Tekken, and its community.

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