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Tekken World Tour 2024 Season: Everything You Need To Know

by Elvis Mack

Yesterday, we went into detail about the 2024 Arc World Tour Season. Today, however with Tekken World Tour starting tomorrow, we will dive into Tekken 8. With a new game, also comes a new tour and format for tournaments to follow. Let’s check out everything you need to know before entering your first TWT event of the year.

New Format

Points Breakdown for Tekken World Tour 2024 Season

Like before, the Tekken World Tour is broken into different ranks of tournaments. Master+ events features EVO Japan and EVO Vegas and are the highest ways to get point for the TWT. Master events are major tournaments in various regions and Challengers are also big events, but to a smaller scale. Returning for TWT as always are Dojo events, community ran events where the number of players determine how much points you get for doing well at event.

However, one new change is the regional leaderboard. The TWT is broken into 15 different regions. To place high in the regional leaderboard, only the dojo events count towards that total. No official events points are made up in that leaderboard, so going and supporting your locals makes more of a difference than ever before. The highest scoring player in the regional leaderboard (who isn’t already qualified by the global leaderboard) will automatically advance to the finals. Meaning 15 slots in the TWT Finals will be just from the regional leaderboards throughout the world.

The 15 Regions for TWT 2024

New Rules

New Rules for Tekken World Tour 2024

One rule that we were particularly caught by is the change to stage select. Before players who has lost a game would be able to counter-pick to another stage that fits the matchup better or fits their playstyle. However, in the Tekken World Tour 2024 season, each game will have to be randomized from stage select. This takes out a bit of the counter strategy to events and forces players to adjust and adapt to the terrain they are in.


Master Events thats part of TWT 2024
Challenger Events thats part of TWT 2024

While we don’t have the full schedule for Dojo events, we do have the full schedule for Master/Challengers events on the TWT schedule. Favorites like Combo Breaker, CEO, The MIXUP, and VSFighting returns for Masters. Meanwhile Dreamhack, Only The Best, UFA, Thunderstuck, Clash of The Olympians takes the stage as challenger events. The TWT officially kicks off outside of Dojo events with Electric Clash 2024 next week in Canada.

If you are a Tekken 8 there will be plenty of good a** tekken too watch over the next few months. With new rules and more ways than ever to qualify for the finals we can’t wait to see what talent steps up and makes a name for themselves. To learn more about the TWT check out the official website for more information

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