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Tekken World Tour Results: Arslan Ash takes home Triple Crown

by Elvis Mack
Arslan Holding the Tekken World Tour Trophy

After 7 years, Tekken 7 closes its books with the final Tekken World Tour Finals in New Orleans. Many players tried to take home the title of being the last champion of Tekken 7. In the end, Pakistan’s own Arslan Ash takes home the title he has never won and finishes his story as Tekken World Tour Champion.

Final Results:

Tekken World Tour Final Results
1st PlaceTwisted Minds | Red Bull eSports
Arslan Ash
Kunimitsu | Katarina | Noctis | Zafina | Nina
4th PlaceLowHighBryan | Steve | Shaheen
5th PlaceVARREL | RangchuJulia | Anna
5th PlaceGyoGun | AOKunimitsu
7th PlaceDRX | KneeBryan | Fang | Marduk | Paul
7th PlaceDH.CNJ esports | JeoDDingEddy | Julia
Tekken World Tour Finals Top 8 Results

The Era of Dominance

Arslan Ash winning EVO 2024

An unprecedented feat has been achieved by the Pakistani player in Tekken 7. He took home the EVO and EVO Japan titles twice (both in 2019 and in 2023). He also won EVO Japan, EVO, and their pro tour finals in the same year. This made him a Triple Crown Champion.

Arslan is widely regarded as the greatest Tekken player of all time. He has accomplished many other achievements with a variety of characters. ESPN awarded him the top esports player in 2019. He single-handedly exposed a lot of players to an entire community of players.

What He Stands For

However, the road was never easy for him. During his years, he was faced with challenges of visas, lack of sponsorships and very limited exposure to the international scene. Despite these obstacles, he did not give up. Instead, he inspired and motivated many players from Pakistan and around the world. He also showed his country and culture with pride and honor.

Arslan Ash’s legacy in Tekken 7 is not only about winning tournaments and titles. It is also about breaking barriers and making history. He proved that anyone can achieve their dreams, no matter where they are from or what challenges they face. He did it all with a smile on his face. That is why many call him the greatest of all time.

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