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The Good, The Bad, and The Rob: The Many Reactions of Seeding

by Elvis Mack

Many of us are still reeling from the results of the group seeding for Capcom Cup X. While, the Capcom Cup X LCQ begins starting today we want to take a look at all the reactions from players when various points of stream happened.

Mena and Caba team up…against each other

The first surprise to many was MenaRD and Caba, both training partners and teammates at the SFL World Championships, will be playing in the same group. While, Mena moved to NA East to give the DR scene more chances to get players to the finals it ultimately meant in the lost of having to fight a very close friend.

Justakid and Idom reacts to Caba for Group F
Justin Wong reacting to Caba joining MenaRD

Player’s Select

Of course, finalists of Capcom Cup were watching to see where they will be played at the group stage and hoping their picks were in their favor.

Mister Crimson goes into Group C
Joe Umerogan reacts to being picked first in Capcom Cup X

Outside of streams, however, there were some players who took to X to react to the news:

EndingWalker Reacts to Joining Group F
Xian Reaction to Being Placed in Group E
Phenom rejoins Kawano in Group A

Rob TV Just Wanna Talk

While, the broadcast was mainly about the groups, we would be remiss not to talk about the various reactions of the host, RobTV and Rynge during the draws.

Rynge and Rob got themselves a double rim basketball drawing booth
Rob blaming Rynge for the two South African Players Team Fight
RobTV and Rynge realizing what they have done

The Big One.

Finally, the final 3 for Capcom Cup X groups decided between AngryBird, Gachikun and Chris Wong. Here is only a few of the reactions for the final picks.

Justin Wong reacting to Chris Wong to B and how he would have sold the suspense
Gachikun narrowly, avoiding Group F and into Group D
Just A Kid learning some valuable lessons from the final draw

Many upsets and confusion was held during this stream, but we look towards Capcom Cup this week, there is so many matchups to be excited for. From the EVO Runback to the Tale of Gief and DeeJay there is something for everybody to enjoy. And even if you aren’t a fan of Group F, take this message from their about thoughts going into the finals.

EndingWalker talkign about Group F
Mena is prepared for Finals
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