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The Various Fighting Game Jokes for April Fools 2024

by Elvis Mack

It is April 1st in Japan and if you been on the internet for any amount of time you know that Japan goes above and beyond for their jokes for the sake of fun. This year is no different as different companies get into the mood. Today we will be looking at the various fighting game companies who is celebrating April Fools 2024.

Akuma is coming…To A Train Station Near You

Many are looking forward to Akuma’s release in Street Fighter 6 soon. However, Capcom decided to make a little teaser that he will be coming on April 1st…just not in the exact way people wanted.

April 1st…

Using the Japanese name of Akuma, Gouki, (“ごうき“), they made a joke with the Japanese city of Gamaguki (“がまごうき“). While it might be harder for international fans to catch the joke, it is a nice nod to the Japanese scene who has been growing over the past few months.

Granblue Has A Name Change

The New Cover Art of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising by AC-Bu

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising had a complete plan with their April Fools Joke with a collaboration with AC-Bu who is most known with Pop Team Epic. First, they changed the game name to Fanblue Grantasy Rises: Versing as well as a new opening for the game.

The new opening for Fanblue Grantasy Rises: Versing by Cygames

In Addition, we got new character art for the entire cast including Vane and Beatrix who is coming later this Tuesday and next month respectively.

All the new character art provided by Granblue_EN

Even the discord was changed to reflect the changes to the game.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Discord Character Threads Changed Icons

The team at GBVSR went above and beyond for their collab and I think a lot of players are appreciative of the effort.

With April Fools In Japan just kicking off, stay tuned to versus vortex for more updates. There could be more April Fools 2024 jokes from the US side when the time changes. We will update this thread as we see more jokes come out of the woodwork.

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