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UMA: The First Millionaire of Street Fighter 6

by Elvis Mack

Street Fighter boasts a rich history and culture, with many tournaments and events that showcase the best of the best. One of these events is the Capcom Cup, the annual world championship of Street Fighter, where the top players compete for glory and a huge cash prize. This year, the Capcom Cup X was held, and it was a historic event for many reasons. Not only was it the first Capcom Cup for Street Fighter 6, but it also offered a grand prize of $1 million USD for the winner, making it the largest prize pool ever for a fighting game tournament. The tournament also featured many surprises and upsets, as well as a new champion who defied all expectations and became the first millionaire of Street Fighter 6. This is the story of Uma, the Juri master from Taiwan, who conquered the Capcom Cup X and made history.

Uma wins Capcom Cup X

Uma celebrating his Capcom Cup X victory

Wang “Uma” Yuan-hao made history by winning the first Street Fighter 6 Capcom Cup championship and $1 million USD. The Taiwanese player defeated Chris Wong in the grand finals at Capcom Cup X last night, after Wong had reset the bracket. Uma used Juri, a character that was not very popular among the top players, and showed his mastery and creativity with her causing upsets along the way.

Uma had a dominant performance throughout the tournament, beating KUSANAGI and Leshar with 3-0 scores in the top 16. He then faced Chris Wong, the favorite to win it by this point, for the first time in the winners finals, where he won 3-2 in a close match. Wong then eliminated former Capcom Cup Champion, Gachikun, in the losers finals, earning another chance to face Uma.

The grand finals were a thrilling display of skill and adaptation, as Wong took the first set 3-0 with his Luke, a character that was widely used in the tournament. However, Uma did not give up and fought back with a 3-0 sweep of his own in the second set, sealing his victory and becoming the first world champion of Street Fighter 6.

Capcom Cup XI Announced

Capcom Pro Tour 2024 Announcement Trailer

Capcom did not waste any time to announce the next season of the Capcom Pro Tour, which will start in Summer 2024. The new season will feature online and offline tournaments, to select the best players from around the world for the next Capcom Cup.

The most exciting news for the fans and the players was that Capcom Cup XI will also have a $1 million USD grand prize for the winner, making it the second consecutive year that Capcom offers such a huge reward for its flagship tournament. The announcement of Capcom Cup XI also teased the possibility of offline events, which have been scarce due to the pandemic, but many fans and players hope for more offline events this season.

MenaRD talks about how much the FGC means to him

The success of Capcom Cup X and the announcement of Capcom Cup XI show that Street Fighter 6 is a thriving game that attracts many players and viewers. The game has been praised for its gameplay, graphics, and roster, and has received constant updates and improvements since its launch in 2023.

The game is also expanding its content, with Ed being the latest character to join the fight starting tomorrow and Akuma being the next one to arrive as part of the Year 1 DLC.

Street Fighter 6 is not only a game, but also a community and a culture, that connects people from different backgrounds and regions through their passion for fighting games. With Capcom Cup X being the first chapter of the Street Fighter 6 era, and Capcom Cup XI being the next one, the future looks bright for the game and its fans.

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