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Under Night In-Birth II DLC: The Season Pass is revealed!

by Elvis Mack

Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes is now available for Deluxe Owners on PlayStation and will be out soon for everyone else. The developers showed off the DLC Characters of Season Pass in a special launch stream. Here are the three characters to look forward to in the future!


The Black Monger | Uzuki
One of Uzuki's upcoming moves and a look at a graveyard like stage.
A look at Uzuki in-game

Uzuki is one of the leaders of Amnesia, one of the various factions in the Under Night Series, who goes by the alias of The Black Monger. Known to be cruel and self-absorbed, she doesn’t like following orders and more ideally prefers to do whatever she wants instead. She holds a lot of disdain towards Hilda, whom she goes out of her way to berate as much as possible.


The Leader of Bankikai, Ogre
Ogre In-Game

Ogre was previously the leader of an organization named Bankikai. However, the group did not last one as they quickly decided to battle Hilda and Amnesia. After a quick battle and due to venturing too close to the Abyss, various members went insane and in the process turned on each other. Many believed that Ogre was killed during this encounter, but he returns with a new purpose that even he doesn’t know.


The Initiator, Izumi
Izumi In-Game with her new stage

Izumi is a brand-new character in Under Night In-Birth Series. She is the wielder of Initiator, which is the final key to unlock the door of the Hollow Night. Initiator takes the form of a mysterious fish that follows her around and is deeply tied to the Weapons of Judgment. Izumi plays a crucial role called “the end.” Until now, Initiator has monitored the Night from a distance, but it’s time to settle matters. The mysterious fish never shares any details about what’s happening; thus, Izumi knows next to nothing about the Night. She longs for a day when she will no longer be used by her fishy companion, Elefee.

Release Dates

The Under Night In-Birth 2 Sys:Celes season pass is a bonus for pre-ordering or purchasing the game early. It includes three additional DLC characters that will be released after the game’s launch. The season pass also unlocks Kuon, a new character who is already in the base game, but requires playing time to unlock otherwise. The season pass is free for those who pre-order or buy the game before March 31, 2024.

Uzuki will be releasing in August 2024, Ogre will be releasing in Feburary 2025, and Izumi releases in August 2025. However, these dates are subject to change.

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