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Verix Rocks The Arc World Tour Finals for Guilty Gear Strive

by Elvis Mack

As the dust settles from Arc World Tour Finals for Guilty Gear Strive a few things come to mind. Many were expecting highly regarded players to win the finals like TempestNYC or UMISHO. Others expected the strongest regions to take the title like United States or Japan. However, none of them came to fruition as Verix from Senegal shocked the world and took the title as champion.

Growth With EMEA

Solo | Verix Arc World Tour Finals Championship graphic by Arc System Works

At the time of this writing, Guilty Gear Strive does not have a dedicated Africa server, so many players have to go on the European server to find matches. Verix’s path started as a player who fluently played a lot of players from the EMEA region and growing alongside them. He made a big splash at EVO 2023 getting 5th place starting the tournament season hot. He later found his first major win at UFA 2023 to qualify for Arc World Tour Finals.

At Arc World Tour Finals, he was placed in Group D where won all his matches against Jonathan Tene, Tiger Pop, and LCQ Winner AaronDaMac to qualify for Top 8 in Winners.

The Career Defining Run

Beginning in Top 8 Winners his first match was against UMISHO, one of the strongest players in America. The match went back and forth between all five games and went to the final round but a strong final round gives him the win to play in winners finals. Next, he had to go against arguably the strongest player in America and the favorite to take the tournament, TempestNYC. The two had a strong back and forth as well and once again went to a final round of game five and while tempest had the upper hand a clutch gold burst give Verix the momentum to take the final round going into grand finals.

Waiting in grand finals, everybody got to experience the path of Slash crawling his way though the losers bracket beating Zando after a 2-0 deficit to win 3-2. Later he used that momentum to defeat TempestNYC to secure a Top 2 finish and making the grand finals for guilty gear strive an international contest between Senegal and Saudi Arabia.

While the games were back in forth it was a game of momentum about who takes round and eventually games and in the final game all the stars aligned for Verix finishing the tournament two rounds straight taking the grand finals 3-2 over Slash and being declared the champion.

Full VOD – https://youtu.be/MX6sNBOeVNs

The Future Is Bright

Guilty Gear Strive is livelier than ever. The announcement of a season 4 incoming to the game with a teaser of a fan favorite making a return. And a top 8 that many are calling some of the best strive gameplay they have seen in a long time. A diverse roster of fighters and very intense gameplay is making Guilty Gear must watch gameplay and in the cornerstone is Africa and the rest of EMEA.

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