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World Serpent Championship: The Wheel of Fate Still Turns

by Elvis Mack

Blazblue Central Fiction has a never-ending fan base even to this day, even for a game that come out 9 years ago. This dedication and growth shows with the World Serpent Championship 2024. The World Serpent Championship is a global tournament series that will showcase the best players of the popular fighting game. The tournament series will run from April 2024 to May 2024, with online tournaments from around the world.

Started With A Passion

The Deubt of The World Serpent Championship

Blazblue Community Member, Vtuber, and Hazama player, Chickzama started the World Serpent Championship. They wanted more love and attention for Blazblue fans. Sadly, Covid-19 and the pandemic stopped major tournaments. But the team did not give up as they ran online tournaments in Europe, North America, and Japan in 2020.

Two years later, their passion grew bigger. They expanded the tournament to a whole month. They also included Brazil, South America, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Korea. It became a major event for Blazblue players with Rollback Netcode added to the series in 2021. Players had more ways to enjoy their favorite games than ever.

Rollback Netcode added to Blazblue Central Fiction / Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

Resurgence 3.0?

The WCS is a prime showcase of the global community for Blazblue. With major positions at CEO and Combo Breaker this year, many wonders how far the resurgence will grow with offline showings. Blazblue has always been a series slightly overshadow by their big brother counterpart in Guilty Gear, but with help of things like the WSC and the passion that the community brings. The sky is truly the limit for bo bleis.

To keep up with the on goings with the World Serpent Championship, make sure to follow their X account for more information.

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